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Character: (Dr) Emmett L. Brown
Fandom: Back to the Future (movies and game)
Character Notes:

The Back to the Future movies and game, deal with the science fiction idea of time travel.

Doc Brown mentions that he invents his time machine because, "The intent here is to gain a clearer perception of humanity where we've been, where we're going, the pitfalls, the possiblities, the perils and the promise. Prehaps even an answer to that universal question - Why?"

Which is very similar to the unnamed time traveler in H. G. Wells, The Time Machine. In wanting to know the destiny of mankind and maybe fix that. However, Back to the Future is rather complex as actual physicist perceive time travel.

Dr. Emmett Brown invents the flux capacitor. A device that uses electricity to travel though time. Which by Albert Einstein, if you want to actually in theory travel though time, you need to use energy. Not that 1. 21 gigawatts (Plutonium or a bolt of lightning) would actually work in theory as in Back to the Future movies and game but its close enough.

Dr. Brown comes up with the idea for the flux capacitor on November 5th, 1955. He was standing on his bathroom toilet trying to hang his clock, the toilet was wet, so he slipped and hit his head on the sink and when he came to his senses had a vision of the flux capacitor, in what makes the time travel possible in Back to the Future.

A major theory that is constant thought out the movies and game is the Grandfather paradox.
Basically, the theory that if time travel was actually possible and say you went back in time and killed your grandfather, you'd crease to exist, aka the 'ripple effect'. As this theory creates a ripple in the stream of time. Like when you toss a rock into a still river.

Time, by many theories and the Back to the Future movies and game is viewed as these rivers. Expect, rather than psychical ripples you see in the rock tossed in the still river, the river of time branches off to an alternate version of that river.

Have a niffy timeline chart of the movies/games.

In Back to the Future 2, Dr. Brown draws Marty this river of time.


The undistributed timeline (without Marty interference) begins in 1908. When the 'Von Braun' family comes to America. Quickly changing their last name to 'Brown' because of the First World War.

Later in, 1931, Emmett Lathrop Brown, was not the scientist
he ends up to be. Actually, he was a clerk working for his father, Judge Brown. Who disapproves highly of his son's Emmett's so called ambition to be a scientist. For one, Emmett was and continues to be wishy washy. However all those science fiction novels of the day, Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, inspires his imagination. Not to mention what Judge Brown wants Emmett to follow his footsteps, of law. That Emmett disliked with a flaming passion and late at night did scientific experiments in the family's garage. These include,

*Rocket Power Jetpack
*Rocket Power Car

Despite Emmett's after hours working, he remains fearful of his father Judge Brown.
Emmett never completes a full scale working model of the rocket power jetpack because that runs on moonshine, which is outlawed.

At one point, Emmett becomes distress with his rocket power car, the idea behind that was, to make traffic jams a thing of the past.
However, during the viewing of the movie Frankenstein, his mind is reanimated and he figures a solution to his problem, which is static electricity.

It wasn't until the Hill Valley Science Expo, in October of 1931, that Emmett went public with his invention and needless to say, the flying car of the future was a failure. However, also a success. Emmett got himself a name in the scientific community and Emmett and his father, had a bitter relationship until the end.

November 5th, 1955, see above pargraph about the flux capacitor.

October 26th, 1985, Dr.Brown modifies a Delorean into a fully functional time machine, on October 26th, 1985 at 1:16 am.
After successfully performing a one minute time travel with Einstien the dog, Doc Brown is killed by the group of Libyan terrorists he stole the plutonium from.

However, this is only the beginnning...

Back to the Future I

Back to the Future II

Back to the Future III

Among the fandom, the fact the game and movie being one in the same is debatable. However, if you watch the beginning of the game that takes place in the beginning of the first Back to the Future movie, when Doc is showing Marty the Delorean for the first time and then disappears. That takes the game in another direction then said movie but that's because the game is after the movies, as you do see the picture from 1885 in Marty's room in the game from Back to the Future 3 movie. Due to the fact, Doc went back into the past in 1931 and got himself killed by mistake, as you later find out and therefore, that's why he's disappearing at the beginning of the game that starts like the movie. Considering, the movies in themselves act on that same principle.

Below is the game broken down, with a full summary wiki link.

Emmett = Brown as a teenager
Doc = Movie Brown
Citizen Brown= An alternate Brown created from Timeline B

Timeline A[Episode 1: It's About Time] It's About Time Wiki

Doc has gone missing for a four months after the end of Back to the Future III movie. Due to this Doc Brown also disappears at the beginning of the Back to the Future I movie because in the timeline before Marty went back in time to help Doc Brown, Doc had been shot on the courthouse steps accused of being the speakeasy arsonist in July of 1931. Also, in this timeline Doc and his father have a very rocky relationship.

* Emmett sees the movie Frankenstein and doesn't go out with Edna.
* Hover car is a complete and total disaster but gets Emmett in the spotlight and jump starts his career as a scientist.
* Never gets his Rocket Power Drill to an actual working model since this runs on liquor.

This is the original timeline that will run into the first Back to the Future movie.

Timeline B[Episode 2: Get Tannen] Get Tannen Wiki
Marty goes back to rescue Doc Brown in the past to stop a major paradox from occurring. Marty is successful. However, in doing so Marty changes a few things.

*He drives his grandfather out of Hill Valley, which endangers Marty’s existence.
* Marty is able to get Emmett’s Rocket Power Drill as a full scale working model.
* Kid Tannen isn’t convicted and put behind bars as Tannen was in Timeline A.
* Emmett also has a faceoff with his father, Judge Brown on how Emmett doesn’t like being a clerk at the courthouse.

When Marty returns to 1986, on this timeline, Hill Valley is run by the Tannen family.

Timeline C [Episode 3 Citizen Brown]Citizen Brown Wiki
Marty needs to get his grandfather, Arthur McFly, back to Hill Valley.
Emmett is now publicly doing experiments. Something Doc remarks that Marty was the cause of this from the Timeline B. Since in Timeline A, Emmett wouldn’t have had the nerve to perform public experiments.

* Emmett doesn’t go to see the movie Frankenstein but rather hooks up with Edna. Something went wrong!
* Emmett got the credit for having caught Kid Tannen, rather than Officer Parker in Timeline A; Edna now expresses interest in young Emmett.
* However, the 1986 of timeline B has now been fixed.

Doc in timeline A disappears in timeline C, because of this hook up with Edna.

Timeline D[Episode 4 Double Visions] Double Visions Wiki
In 1986, another alternate timeline, Doc Brown is now married to Edna and everything from the Back to the Future movies is now null and void. Timeline A has been replaced now with Timeline D, since Doc Brown never invented the time machine in the first place. The McFly family remains how they were in the original Back to the Future, since George never stands up to Biff.

Citizen Brown is still Doc Brown to an extent. He’s still wishy washy and distracts easily as Emmett always has been. However, Edna almost completely controls this aspect of her husband but Citizen Brown comes to his senses and sees what he’s done to Hill Valley. Having this place like George Orwell’s 1984, and free will was now a flip of a switch. However, Edna decides she needs to change her husband’s personality.

* Marty saves Citizen Brown from the brainwashing, and Citizen Brown goes to fix up the Delorean.
* The two time travel to October of 1931 by mistake. Apparently, the time travel car is having a slight glitch.

The objective now, is to break up young Emmett and Edna and to make sure Emmett sees Frankenstein.

As well as to get Emmett back on track with the hover car project and away from Edna’s idea of a Mental Alignment Meter. Which in the future will lead into Timeline D with the brainwashing of the citizens of Hill Valley. During this, Citizen Brown has an idea that perhaps the reason his science was going to be used for evil wasn’t Edna’s but rather Emmett’s passion for science. If Emmett doesn’t attend the Hill Valley Science Expo that jump starts his career as a scientist in Timeline A, then perhaps Emmett and Edna can still be together and Edna won’t end up alone in Timeline A, like she does. Marty refuses this.
Emmett meanwhile, is crushed that Edna left him and wallows in despair on top the Hill Valley Courthouse, during a lighting storm. In which, the lighting gives Emmett the solution to the problem with his hover car, over the lighting scene in the movie Frankenstein.

While Emmett prepares the hover car for the science fair he is kidnapped by Citizen Brown and forced to confront his father. However, Marty finds common ground between Emmett and his father and the hover car equipment was a success, unlike the failure in Timeline A.

As Edna confesses to being the speakeasy arsonist, Citizen Brown fades away and so does Timeline D. Emmett confronts Marty about how Marty keeps showing up and how Emmett knows this has to do with 'Emmett'. Marty gives Emmett a paper clipping from 1986, and tells Emmett not to look at that paper clipping till Emmett receives the key to the city. Emmett leaves, seconds later; Doc Brown from Timeline A appears. Looks like everything has finally been fixed or has it?

Suddenly, Hill Valley vanishes before Doc’s and Marty’s very eyes while still in 1931.

Timeline E[Episode 5 Outa Time] Outatime Wiki
Doc and Marty are still in 1931, but in an empty Hill Valley. They follow Marty’s great-grandfather on his route to deliver food to a house that’s not far away from where the two are standing. Turns out, Edna lives there and when she stole the Delorean in 1931, not the Delorean Doc Brown came with, in Timeline A, Edna time hopped somewhere and caused Hill Valley to disappear.

* The two time travel to 1886 to keep Hill Valley from being burned to the ground.
*The two time travel back an hour before this happens, stop that from happening and bring Edna back to 1931 with them. Where Doc and Marty quickly leave and hope there weren’t more ripples in the space time continuum.

Expect, now, Doc and his father apparently got along, and that hover car failure was now a hover car success.


Emmet can be a bit of a scatterbrain. He would start one project, drop that and just go onto the next best thing. For example, before Marty came to 1931, Emmett never actually built a working model of the Rocket Power Drill. With Marty's interference, Brown did build a working model and then after the Power Drill was destroyed moved on to the next greatest thing: the proto type flying car which he then dropped for a while until he cleared his mind watching Frankenstein (or in the other version was dangling for his life at the top of the clock tower during a lighting storm in 1931). It's a wonder really how Emmett even finishes any of his creations.

Stubborn: Despite being told by his father, Judge Brown, not to practice science Emmett does it secretly behind him because he believes that's where his true calling lies. Even when he's Citizen Brown the stubbornness is still there as he refuses Marty's ridiculous time travel story, until there was proof. However, he is swayed when Marty points out that Older Doc and Marty are in the background of the picture of younger Emmett taking the credit for capturing Kid Tannen in his prototype car back in 1931.

Denial: When Marty tries to bring peace between teenage Emmett and Judge Brown at the Science Expo in Part 4 of the game, Emmett gets upset that father went and dragged mother into this. To which Judge Brown retorts that Emmett acts just like his mother. That's where he gets this from. Emmett then remarks along the lines of how dare father bring mother into this if anything Emmett is like his - and stops.
In the beginning of the game before Marty interferes with young Emmett, Emmett doesn't admit that he loves science. Marty has to pry that out of Emmett. Law and only law is Emmett's true love. Emmett was rather uptight before Marty interfered with him which caused Emmett to become more laid back. Considering the reason Brown was so uptight was hiding his deep dark science secret from his father and anyone else. Which Marty managed to expose and then there was a huge outburst with Emmett and his father, which after that Emmett quit being a clerk for the courthouse and was deciding his own future.

Brown could also be said to be see a bit of the crackpot type scientist. Really, Time Traveling Delorean? He's inspired in odd ways; the movie Frankenstein for example where the creature was brought to life with the lighting, inspires Emmett to have his prototype car run on static electricity (or in the other version was dangling for his life at the top of the clock tower during a lighting storm in 1931). As well as Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth was inspiration for his Rocket Power Drill that runs on alcohol. It is also hinted that H.G. Wells The Time Machine will inspire Emmett for the Delorean. Not to mention that bonk on the head on November 5th, 1955 that made him come up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor, which makes time travel possible.

Brown's older self is slightly different from his teenager self. The two major differences are that his older self is wiser and braver but those are things that come with age and maturity, usually. Older Brown is wiser in the sense as he tells Marty to be careful when time traveling:

* Don't be seen by your other self.
* Don't interact with other people and try to blend in.
* Don't know too much about your own destiny.

Whereas his teenager self has yet to understand all of this, his older self has had time to learn about the theory of time travel though the major breakthroughs in science in the later part of the 20th century.

Doc is also very brave, such as in 1955 when Emmett is dangling for his life (again) at the clock tower. Rather flipping out like he did when Emmett was a teen, Doc manages to regain control and plugs the electric cords together. In 1885, he jumps onto a moving freight train from a horse, then makes a stick up for a science experiment and points his rifle at Mad Dog Tannen, whom was trying to hang Marty and tells Tannen he won't give back the $88 for the horse shoes.
Most importantly, whether it's his younger or older self, he always sees the good in someone. Whether or not that's actually there despite Marty breaking Emmett’s relationship with Edna and being horribly mad at Marty, McFly saves Emmett's life from dangling on the clock tower in 1931. Afterwards he and Emmett are friends. His older alternate self (Citizen Brown) despite knowing that Edna had used him to take control of Hill Valley like Big Brother still insisted to Marty that there was good in her and wasn't till Edna stole the Time Traveling Delorean did Brown realize there wasn't any good in her. This also goes back to him being stubborn. Once his mind is set on something, it’s almost impossible to change. However, there's one exception and that's if you have a reputation like Kid Tannen, who is a notorious gangster, then Emmett, as a teenager, not only doesn't trust you but is also afraid of you. His older self seems to be able to stand up more to those sorts of fellas. All in all, both the younger and older versions of Emmett Brown are a nice guy. Even though he’ll get frustrated figuring out a tricky equation or situation, he’ll keeps a sense of optimism such that he knows he’ll figure something out.

Not to mention the best line in the entire movie; "The future is whatever you make it. So, make it a good one." That older Doc Brown states to Marty and Jennifer in the last movie however Emmett learned that himself back in 1931 the day before the Science Expo.

Other: Taking Emmett from 1931 before he techinally invents the time machine and lack of Marty interference.

Additional Links:

The real physics of Back to the Future

Meeting young Emmett

Young Emmett later in the game

Vs his father Judge Brown final round

Seeing the good in everyone has it's flaws

All Five Game Episodes

Character Wiki

First Person (entry type):

*Note this is a Twilight Zone telephone from 1931*

[The voice starts off in delight]
“Since the beginning of time all women have heard footsteps up there.” Oh, Jules Vernes you really do know how to spark the creative imagination! Just think, once I get those blueprints to the patent office in Washington DC about my Rocket Power Drill I may be able to make your writing a complete reality. After all science fiction isn't necessary not real science, just science waiting to be explored!

[The phone rings]
[Professional voice]
Hello, Brown residence. Yes father… No, of course I wasn’t wasting any time with science. I was just taking a lunch break with a book. I’ll get those subpoenas handed right out.

[There’s a pause and shuffle of papers] Just finishing the chapter couldn’t hurt now, could it? Nah, I’ll be quick! I gotta see what happens next!

[Silence with some page flipping. Moments pass by and the phone keeps ringing until finally, click]

Brown reside- [Emmett yelps the sound of a book dropping to the floor can be heard and scattering feet and finally a slamming door. A few moments later the door can be heard opening]

Forgot the subpoenas! [Sound of door closing again. Emmett also left the phone on the line]

Third Person:
"Yes, fath-Judge Brown", says Emmett.

Judge Brown was a fair, honest man. At least to the cases he dealt with at court. Otherwise, to his son Emmett, Judge Brown was unjust, unfair and just plain intimidating. Emmett always kept that mask on in front of his father. That uptight, “get down to brass tacks” attitude when he worked by his father’s side but deep down he was terrified of his father and didn’t like what he was doing. Law, as much as Emmett lied to himself, law was not his true love. His inspiration and true love were only visited during his off hours when father didn’t keep him busy. There inside a dimly lit room between wires, wrenches and bolts, was Emmett’s true love.


Science didn’t have to go by certain rules or regulations and Emmett loved it! Science can be as absurd and imaginative as Emmett wanted it to be. After all, why else make a rocket power drill that runs on alcohol? Because you can.

One day, somehow, Emmett was going to make a name for himself under his father’s nose as a scientist. Father wouldn’t understand. He wouldn’t understand his passion at all. This is America! This is the country where a boy doesn’t have to follow in his father’s footsteps. Those science fiction books Emmett often read over and over again opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. H.G. Wells...Jules Vernes..they were Emmett’s only best friends and role models. It often occurred to Emmett that things are only science fiction because no one has actually tried. Perhaps it was the absurdity in him but one day that is how he was going to mark his name down in history. Only time would tell...


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