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[OOC: Game Summary] Spoilers

The Game Part 1 (It's About Time);
During, his first experiment on the time traveling Delorean on October 26th, 1985 at 1:16 am. Sound familiar? That's because it's the opening of the first movie. However, for some reason the Delorean doesn't come back and Doc or Emmett Brown disappears in front of Marty, when he's not suppose too.
Months later Doc still hasn't shown up and the bank is selling his estate. The Delorean appears out of nowhere with Einstein in the car and a tape recorder of Doc explaining to Marty if Marty is receiving this message that one of his time trips into the past or maybe it was the future has gone horribly wrong and is turning to Marty for help. However, the time currents with last arrival time aren't working. So, with help with an old shoe and Einstein nose, Marty finds himself at Edna Strickland house and Marty from there finds out he has to go back to October 1931. When Doc was a teenager because according to the paper, older Doc of the future was killed on the courthouse steps for being the Speakeasy arsonist. That's why Doc suddenly disappeared during 1985, he was killed in the past!

Marty finds Older Doc in jail and the only way to get Older Doc out before he's slain the next day is to break Doc out. However, that presents an issue on what to break Older Doc out with. Doc's older self tells Marty to find his younger self whom is in the process of creating a rocket power drill. Marty finds teenage Doc and mentions the rocket power drill, however, whenever science is brought up to Emmett he's quick to deny that law and not science is his one true love.

Eventually, Marty is able to convince Emmett that Marty himself is interested in science by solving the complex math problem, Emmett keeps murmuring to himself by means of a tape recorder and having Older Doc listen to his younger and tenser self. Older Doc gives Marty the answer to the equation and though some lies Marty says he's with the patent office in Washington DC, and that's how he knows about Emmett's Rocket Power Drill that runs on moonshine. However, that project was never originally completed or even tested. So, Marty makes a deal if Marty can find Arthur McFly and deliver the subpoena's and find moonshine and get that to Emmett without Judge Brown knowing, (age of prohibition remember?) Emmett will finish the Rocket Power Drill by tonight.
Which Marty is able to successful accomplish both tasks and young Emmett takes Marty to the Brown Estate, and to the same garage in the future that will be his lab in 1985.
In, 1931, in Emmett's lab, Emmett has completed building the Rocket Power Drill, unlike before without Marty's influence. To make the moonshine right, Brown starts too but is called by his father, where Judge Brown and his son, Emmett have a long argument about Emmett being a scientist rather than a lawyer and leaves Marty to finish the concoction. As Emmett empathized certain words to tell Marty what to do next while still fighting with his father.
As Marty, takes Emmett's Rocket Power Drill, Emmett asks when he'll hear from the patent office, Brown's eyes filled with excited and Marty hesitates before finally breaking down and telling Brown that he's not from the patent office but someone important to the both of them needs this and if they don't get this tonight bad things could happen.
Emmett lets Marty take the Rocket Power Drill and unfortunately Marty was too late to rescue Doc from 1986 from the slammer. Someone has already taken Dr. Brown to be locked up in a special place before the trial.

Game Part 2 (Get Tannen!);

The scene opens on Doc being taken away by Kid Tannen a notorious ganger, similar to Al Capone. Kid wants to have Dr. Brown 'swim with the fishes' because Kid is in belief that Dr. Brown from the future is the arsonist whom burned down Tannen's Speak Easy. Which you learn later in Outa Time, this is not the case. Simply turns out that Dr. Brown was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the actual Speak Easy arsonist burned down the Speak Easy and Dr. Brown was framed.

Doc and Marty run into Arthur McFly, Marty's grandfather and tell Arthur, whom is in a lot of trouble with Tannen thanks to Marty, to stay out of town till Kid is gone and wait for Silva.

Turns out, Dr. Brown had been making a McFly Family Tree photo album in 1986, when Doc came across the problem with normal research of Marty's grandma on not finding any information on her. Which led Dr. Brown to travel back in time to 1931, searching for Marty's grandma, whom turned out to be the Speak Easy entertainer, Trixie and Kid Tannen's girlfriend. Marty rescues Doc from Kid Tannen and the two of them proceed to head back to the future to 1986. Dr. Brown drives to the bank to stop the foreclosure. However comes back shortly later, when there's a problem.

Marty, inadvertently changed Trixie from betraying Kid Tannen on his income taxes as she was suppose too, as a result gangs now ran free in Hill Valley. Doc picks Marty back up to head back to 1931!

Doc and Marty return to the same time departure, in October of 1931, Doc goes to the motel and tells Marty to figure out what went wrong. Doc wasn't going to risk being seen by his younger self or by the police as Older Doc was still suppose to be in jail. Not to mention as they're in 1931, Marty starts flipping out that he's starting to fade away because he ran Arthur out of town.

Eventually, Marty comes back to Dr. Brown with Arthur and tells Arthur he has to go see Trixie because apparently, Arthur is the only one besides Kid, Trixie will speak too and only if Arthur goes back to Trixie, will Trixie turn in the legal documents showing that Kid Tannen cheated Uncle Sam on the income tax for the Speak Easies.

There's a slight bump in the middle, where younger Emmett and Einstein (the dog) are working on a flying hover car. Which keeps crashing and Emmett has forgiven Marty about the Power Drill, Brown has moved onto bigger and better things and wasn't upset about the fight between Emmett and his father Marty had caused with the Rocket Power Drill, simply stating, "That was a long time in coming."
Meanwhile, during the flying hover car equipment, Einstein gets stuck on the roof of the Courthouse and since Emmett has resigned from his law duties no longer has the court house keys. With a distraction, Marty gets Edna to start fighting with Emmett about his crazy and wild equipments. Meanwhile, Dr. Brown from 1986, uses his flying Delorean to rescue Einstein from the rooftop.

Near the end of the game, after Marty and along with Emmett, capture Tannen in Brown's prototype flying car of the future, Marty manages to play cupid, again by mistake. This time with Edna and Emmett! The two head off to the theater which Dr. Brown of 1986 said that's where he had seen Frankenstein which cleared his head and found his inspiration. Expect, Dr. Brown didn't say that he'd seen the show with Edna. As Marty and Dr. Brown are leaving to head back to 1986, Dr. Brown sees his younger self with Edna and yells to Marty to stop but it's too late they've already reached 88 MPH and Dr. Brown fades away while in the Delorean.

Game Part 3 (Citizen Brown);
Marty alone heads back to the future from 1931, having secured his existence with his grandfather Arthur McFly not in danger from Kid Tannen anymore and staying in Hill Valley. However, lost Dr. Brown along the way. McFly crashes into a billboard with Dr. Brown's face on it. The Delorean now in ruins and something strange about Jennifer. Marty goes into Hill Valley to find Doc, since Doc is the only one who can fix the time machine. Turns out Dr. Brown is now Citizen Brown and the entire Hill Valley is a 'utopia' of Big Brother. Where the citizens of Hill Valley are put though mind washing programs to believe they are happy. With everyone smiling and in uniform. Apparently, in order to see Citizen Brown you need an appointment, which takes up to 2 years or you get in trouble. Marty soon finds out that dogs, Public Displays of Affection Rock and Roll and illegal substances are the best ways to get in trouble and with his supposedly spotless record will get him noticed in no time by Citizen Brown.

Marty's family, (mom, dad, brother and sister) have reverted back to how you see them in the beginning of the first Back To the Future movie.
George McFly is still a wimp and hasn't stood up to Biff and not to mention gave up on his high school dream of science fiction writing. Not to mention still a peeping tom on an even creepier level. His mother is still drinking, all the good Marty and Doc have done for the McFly has been erased since this Doc Brown or Citizen Brown, turns out he didn't invent a time machine and that, "This time machine seems very dangerous and impractical."

In which Marty goes, "Yes! I mean no. Because of your time machine you've help my family, Doc."

Marty finally sees Citizen Brown and tells him about the time machine and continues on how this is the alternate reality. Doc just sits there calmly and listens thinking Marty is insane and refuses to believe that Marty could had been there in the past, despite how real Marty describes the events because after all that is impossible. Expect Marty, has one thing wrong, younger Emmett didn't go see Frankenstein that night or ever but rather spent his time with Edna and even dropped the prototype flying car for something else that Edna suggested, that you find out later in Double Visions what that invention was and how that invention ends up being the stepping stone for the brain washing program. It's for the greater good after all.

Marty begins to convince Citizen Brown that his 'insane' story from the last part of the game is true. In an old photograph, taken the day of Kid Tannen's arrest, Marty and Doc from 1986 can be seen in the background of the photograph. Then Marty goes on to tell Citizen Brown on how more than half of Hill Valley isn't happy with this 'utopia' and that the citizens in secret complain of Hill Valley and Marty has the tapes from his peek tomming father, George to prove that. Citizen Brown challenges Marty to bring those tapes to him.

Marty finds where those tapes were taken too and has Biff as his mind control puppet down the recycle bin that leads to a secret lair of illegal things, including porn and Einstein!

Edna monologues to Marty everything, how she 'guided' Doc in the right direction with her brain washing device idea when they were younger and how together they made Hill Valley a safer place.
Citizen Brown hears all of this and doesn't want to believe any of that as he always tries to see the good in people. Citizen Brown tries to get Edna to reconsider as her monologue has shown him the error of his ways and that Marty was right. Though he's knocked out and taken to the Citizen Plus Program or Brain washing center and Marty is kidnapped as well later on.

Game Part 4 (Double Visions);
Still in the alternate, 1986, turns out Edna was running the show the entire time and Citizen Brown was merely her puppet. Edna smiles down at Citizen Brown whom is strapped in the brain washing chair and begs her to reconsider her actions. Which she simply remarks, "In a few hours your entire personality will be different and we wouldn't be talking about foolish things, Emmett." In a creepy lovely dove manner.
Marty saves Citizen Brown and Citizen Brown goes to repair the Time Traveling Delorean at his workshop at Clayton Ravine, yes, the same Clara Clayton Doc in another timeline (in the 3rd Back to the Future movie) Dr. Brown saves and falls in love with and ends up marrying. This takes Citizen Brown six months for the repairs. However for Marty it's only been a few minutes. They both go back in time to 1931 and Marty has figured by now he accidently played cupid with Edna and younger Emmett, rather than hating each other's guts when Marty had tried to go Back to the Future, that's why Dr. Brown in the Delorean from the last episode was why Dr. Brown faded away and worst yet, young Emmett passed up seeing Frankenstein! Which the lighting when the monster of Dr. Frankenstein awakes was supposed to inspire young Emmett.
Citizen Brown lets Marty go and to go change the future for Hill Valley and today is the day of the Science Expo! Young Emmett has to continue his prototype flying car and fall out of love with Edna. Meanwhile, Citizen Brown is keeping Edna in this timeline busy by talking. Young Emmett is scrambling to finish his invention for the Expo that Edna told Emmett to make, the Mental Alignment Meter, which Emmett foresees a world where mental disorders can be diagnosed without error and treated on spot. However, Edna has something has something else in mind, like brainwashing Hilly Valley from the last game, Citizen Brown.
Due to Marty's secret plotting and lining up the dominos, Edna smacks and leaves younger Emmett the night before the Science Expo. Just before this happens Citizen Brown asks Marty what happens to Edna in her future and Marty tells her she's going to be living alone with a cat yelling at hoodlums. Citizen Brown said he's done a lot of thinking and it's not Edna that made Hill Valley twisted in Citizen Brown's timeline, it was science and his younger self has to drop science. Which Marty refuses to help Citizen Brown on.

Marty goes to find young Emmett, after he ran away with a broken heart. Finding young Emmett on top of the Hill Valley Court House Clock Tower, Marty tries to talk Emmett out of it, thinking young Emmett was going to commit suicide. However, young Emmett just was there for a place to think and tells Marty to go away, as young Emmett sits there in despair. Marty refuses and keeps chatting about how the first breakup is the hardest and there's a woman waiting in the wings, and her name is Clara and she's worth the wait. Then young Emmett suddenly realizes this is all Marty's fault! How Marty always keeps popping in and out and how these things seem to happen with Marty around and even questions if Marty's alias, there's a choice of three from the beginning of the game, if that's really Marty's name. Which Marty admits that isn't and then young Emmett falls and is dangling for his life by a rope on the Clock Tower, almost exactly like what happens in the first Back to the Future movie in 1955. Marty asks Emmett if he has any bright ideas and then saves his friend. Back on top of the clock tower and a storm a brewing, Emmett is suddenly hit with the idea he doesn't have to do what other's tell him and more importantly the lighting inspires the solution to creating this prototype flying car. Static electricity!

Game Part 5 (Outa Time);
It's the day of the Science Expo and young Emmett was up all night finishing his prototype flying car. Emmett wakes up Marty by calling the Brown mansion. However, suddenly disappears.
Turns out, since Citizen Brown couldn't convince Marty to stop his younger self from being in the Science Expo, Citizen Brown kidnapped his younger self and tried making his younger self a deal in the Future House of Sound Proof glass. Edna is in on this as well and Marty is able to get a confession out of her, by sounding like Citizen Brown, and turns out Edna was the Speakeasy arsonist! With that confession recorded and given to Officer Parker, those two leave the scene. Marty however, loses both Citizen Brown and young Emmett in the House of the Future, before talking about the expo and recognizing Doc's voice though the scuba gear. Marty sets on the cord pumping air into the U - Boat. Suddenly, the guy in the scuba gear can't breathe. How odd. Like these two people are connected. Marty refuses to step off of the cord, until Citizen Brown raises the U - Boat, which at the very last minute does. His younger self grasps for air, meanwhile, Citizen Brown runs off. Young Emmett is called upon to present, finally.

However, that's just when Judge Brown walks in. Demanding Emmett to be eliminated from this Science Expo on grounds of insanity. Marty works between young Emmett and his father and got those two to finally talk peacefully to the other.

That's when Marty notices Citizen Brown outside, Marty runs out of the Expo, after young Emmett is successful in his demonstration.

Outside, Edna is being chased by Officer Parker, while she's in the Time Traveling Delorean and disappears into space and time! Citizen Brown states he was only trying to save her, since he insists on seeing the good in everyone but her actions right now, was clear Citizen Brown was wrong about Edna. Then Citizen Brown disappears.

Younger Emmett comes out of the Science Expo, after having a literal blast! Looking at the newspaper from 1986, changes to Dr. Brown gets Key to City. Tearing that off, Marty says, "Promise me you won't look at this till you get the key to the city." Not understanding, however if that was the only way young Emmett was going to get an answer to all of this, promises. Since Marty tried to explain what Doc says about knowing too much can lead to irreparable damage to the Space Time Continuum! Younger Emmett goes back in, things now settled with this father and banned from the Science Expo for the next 50 years but heck, he's recognized and his future as a scientist is assured.

Apparently, the timeline is fixed, as Dr.Brown comes back to the past from 1986, the day he receives the key to the city. To bring Marty back to 1986, however, just as they were about too. Hill Valley. Disappears.

Doc and Marty find themselves in a desert area; Seamus McFly finds the two on the roadside as he's going deliver stuff to Edna. Seamus tells them, it's 1931 and there's no Hill Valley but there was a long time ago.
At Edna's run down stack of a house, there's a decayed Delorean, a Saloon sign and other things.
Marty and Doc are able to jog Edna's memory of when she traveled into the past on Delorean she stole, because Marty informed Doc that Delorean was time jumping on its own and when it should.
Edna comes out of her trance and with the outhouse on fire, she comes to the conclusion she's a hooligan and burned down Hill Valley by mistake so Mad Dog Tannen couldn't have a saloon. The Speakeasy arsonist strikes again! But when? Edna gives them the paper. So Doc and Marty in their working Delorean from 1986, jump back to 1882, at 1am just an hour before the entire town of Hill Valley was swallowed in flames.

There's a standoff, Mad Dog Tannen pointing at Edna ready to shoot her but if he shoots Edna, she'll drop the torch setting the place up in flames and Doc is trying to talk reason between the two as Marty works on knocking both Edna's torch out and Tannen out. They're successful and save Hill Valley from being torched down, however, Eden jumps into the Delorean in 1931 she stole, the one that has the random time jump defect now, and Doc and Marty chase after her in their time machine, Doc has Marty sync up the Edna's time circuit’s with theirs, to cause an over ride and send Edna back to 1931.

Marty and Doc pull Edna back to 1931, right after the Expo and land her in jail. The timeline catches up and her Delorean disappears and Marty and Doc flee before something else happens.

The timeline is restored! The only slight differences is that Edna married Kid Tannen and Doc and Clara now spend half their time in Hill Valley and half their time in another place. Older Doc states it's because he has to oversee the Brown scholarship program for young scientist pioneers. Ever since Marty had helped in Outa Time to patch things up with younger Emmett and his father.... But wait... Why are there three other Marty's from the future on Doc's lawn?

Why did Dr. Brown go back in time in the first place? So, he could finish the McFly History book for Marty, that he made. However, good old fashion, non time traveling research didn't work for Marty's grandmother, Silva, who turned out to be Trixie.

Doc and Marty decide to just leave the scene with all the other Marty's showing up and asking Doc for help.

Marty: "Where to Doc?"
Brown: "Thrill me."

To be continued....